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If you don’t already know, a little over a year ago my husband finished up his PhD and we had to relocate from the big city we loved to a pretty small town while he finishes up his Post-Doctoral Fellowship.

The town isn’t really small enough to be quaint and lovely, and it’s definitely not big enough to be fun and glamorous.

In fact, it’s pretty so-so all across the board and just got it’s very first Chipotle last December!

Don’t get me wrong, ultimately I’d prefer to live in a nice small town with farmland, chickens and a few close friends, I just want NEED that town to be within a 30-minute drive of a suitably sized city!  

Originally, we’re from a pretty small so-so town just like this one in Pennsylvania and ran screaming to the big city, like many of our friends, as soon as the graduation bells rang! (I seriously did not have a single Starbucks in my hometown!)

After Highschool, I spent half a decade finding myself in one of our favorite places on earth, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and that is when our love affair with the big city life began. 

I miss the hustle and bustle of the people making their way to work. 

I miss the smell of the coffee shops and early morning diners that wafted onto the streets in the crisp morning air as the doors opened and closed by the patrons rushing inside.

I miss the option to go to a museum or art gallery on date night or to stop at a specialty food store and pick up some exotic ingredient to prepare a special meal together. 

Most of all, however, I miss the amazing design.

The Architecture was so prominent and every building had a story to tell.

Yes, I am truly a city mouse.

For those of you who also dream of a city kind of life, here is a little design inspiration from my heart to yours. ♥

♥ Emma Rae Thomas + The Lovely Hostess Team

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I Dream of City: Industrial Modern Style

I Dream of City: Industrial Modern Style

  1. Atlanta – Fulton Cotton Mill Lofts – Houzz
  2. Watchcase Tower, Sag Harbor – Houzz
  3. 155 Duane Street, Tribeca Townhouse – Houzz
  4. NW 13th Avenue Loft – Houzz
  5. Division Street – Houzz
  6. West Loop Aerie – Houzz
  7. Great Jones – Houzz
  8. W9 | Eclectic Industrialism – Houzz
  9. Living Spaces by SUITE New York – Houzz
  10. Capitol Hill Loft – Houzz
  11. Clocktower Loft – Houzz
  12. Division Street – Houzz
  13. Reiko Feng Shui Interior Design – Houzz
  14. Reiko Feng Shui Interior Design – Houzz
  15. Jane Kim Design – Houzz
  16. Urban Loft – Houzz
  17. Chelsea Loft – Houzz
  18. Draft Industrial Kitchen – Houzz
  19. Fulham Road – Houzz
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