Hello Dolls!

My landlord is not my favorite person.

He doesn’t allow paint, he doesn’t update his properties and, in general, he charges an absolute ton for a really subpar looking place. 

Unfortunately, because we live in a small college town, just moved here a year and a half ago, and will be moving out of state in just a couple of years, we are forced to deal with rentals that are nowhere near the quality we’re used to in the city. 

To compensate for our homes total lack of initial style, I have found TONS of tricks to be able to sharpen up its look and transform it’s dowdy Debbie decor into a chic and relaxing space for my family and friends.

One of my favorite tricks for making a large overall impact in an unpaintable space is using temporary wallpaper on one accent wall to add depth and texture to the room while connecting the color palate of the decor to a large visual anchor in the space. 

If you’re looking to add miles of style to your own home in a flexible and affordable way, check out a few of my favorite removable wallpaper finds from around the net. ♥

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♥ Emma Rae Thomas + The Lovely Hostess Team

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20 Temporary Wallpapers for Stylish Renters

20 Temporary Wallpapers for Stylish Renters


  1. Trippy Charcoal – Graham & Brown
  2. Bars Yellow/Grey – Tempaper
  3. Savanna Taupe – Graham & Brown
  4. Majestic Hot Pink – Graham & Brown
  5. Silhouette Metallic Silver – Tempaper
  6. Nottingham White / Grey – Graham & Brown
  7. Medallion Platinum – Tempaper
  8. Coffee Shop Black / White – Graham & Brown
  9. Brick White – Tempaper
  10. Lucid White Silver – Graham & Brown
  11. Amelia Coral / Gray – Graham & Brown
  12. Pink/Blue/Yellow/Cream – Tempaper
  13. Majestic Black / Gold – Graham & Brown
  14. Kelly’s Ikat White / Prussian Blue – Graham & Brown
  15. Herringbone Ash  – Tempaper
  16. Innocence Grey – Graham & Brown
  17. Checker (Nonwoven) Black – Graham & Brown
  18. Marrakesh Hony Jade – Tempaper
  19. Aura Blue – Graham & Brown
  20. Tempaper Self-Adhesive Removable Wallpaper Stripes – Gold – Target
  21. Damsel White And Black  – Tempaper